Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ode to a Blizzard

By Tom Disch
O! wonderful for weight and whiteness!
       Ideolog whose absolutes
               Are always proven right
                      By white and then
               More white and white again,
       Winning the same argument year
After year by making the opposition

O! dear miniature of infinity with no
       End in sight and no snow-
             Flake exactly like
                      Another, all
             A little different no
       Matter how many may fall,
Just like our own DNA or the human face

O! still keep covering the street
       And sidewalks, cemeteries, even
               Our twice-shoveled drive,
                      And all that is alive,
               With geometries that sleet
       Will freeze into Death's
Impromptu vision of a heaven
                              Wholly white!

For we know who your sponsor is, whose will
       You so immensely serve,
               Whose chill is more severe
                      Than any here.
               Though his name may be unspoken,
       His commandments are unbroken,
And every monument that you erect
                              Belongs to him!

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