New Voices

Heart Beats                                   In Memory of Victims of Orlando Pulse Nightclub
By Hardarshan Singh Valia

When our feet of many colors first pressed their prints
into the mud-cracked cheeks of the nascent Earth,
we were blessed
with the gift of Love,
causing our hearts to beat forever.

That Love sprouted within us,
thanks to the warmth of the rising Sun,
beneath the watchful eyes of the gentle Moon.

Bright red pigments of the rose petal
colored its lips,
silky specks of the carbon black
decorated its eye lids,
extract from a lavender bud
sprinkled its body.

That Love was
never meant
to be painted
with the brush of a gun barrel,
nor etched
with the edge of a knife’s blade,
or outlined
with the blood from a punctured heart.

That Love,
even if the music stops,
pulsates through
air, water, land
to be in unison with
primordial sound of the universe.

Hardarshan Singh Valia is an earth scientist who sways to the song of earth, recites its magical verses, and sprinkles its blessing to all. Besides contributing mostly to scientific journals, he has published poems and stories in River babble, Who Writes Short Shorts, Sage-ing, and Northwest Indiana Literary Journal.  He is a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Poetry Society of Indiana, Magic Hour Writers Group, and Write on Hoosiers.