Submission Policy

As of November 2010, I have started to seek submissions for new, unpublished poems.  I strive to feature one new poem per month in the "New Voices" section, and then those will poems get archived along with the other poetry, after being featured as the "poem of the day" for one day.

In light of the election of Donald Trump, I have decided Poetic Medicine will be another vehicle for the resistance.  Over the course of 2018, I will continue to publish new work on certain themes - issues or marginalized groups that are at risk in a Trump presidency: 

-  Theme #1: "Black Lives Matter" 
-  Theme #2:  Queer Lives, Queer Rights
-  Theme #3:  Science is Real
-  Theme #4:   Feminism: The Personal is Political 
-  Theme #5:  Immigrant Lives 

Send your work to dubrows (at) gmail (dot) com.PLEASE PUT IN THE SUBJECT LINE "THEME: XXX"  and feel free to submit to any of the themes that move you.

Please review your work before submitting it for basic spelling and typos. I prefer submissions in the body of the email, but attachments are OK if they are in Microsoft Word form. Previously published poems are also OK, with an eye for poems that have been previously published in now-defunct journals.

All rights revert back to you but please attribute this blog as the first publication if you re-publish it somewhere else. Simultaneous submissions are OK.

Guidelines revised 12/6/17

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