Haiku for Mass Shootings

I’ve decided to write a haiku every time there’s a mass shooting. I’m starting with the first one that I remember, which was in 1991. Then I included a haiku for Pulse, because it was one that hit particularly hard for me, and then I move into each mass shooting since November of 2017.

I want this project to end soon. But I am not that hopeful. - Eve Lyons

Twenty-three people
Luby's Cafeteria
He hated women.

Forty-nine people
A night club called Pulse
He was a self-hating gay.

Fifty-eight people
Country music in Vegas
Recently, he lost.

Twenty-six people
Praying in a Texas church
He taught Bible school.

Five dead, ten injured
California ranch and school
"Domestic dispute."

Kentucky farm town
Sixteen kids injured, two dead
Played in the school band.

Seventeen kids dead
Nothing left in Florida
Recently expelled.

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