Wednesday, June 4, 2014

At times like this

By Nikki Giovanni

(for Maya Angelou)

At times like this
We measure our words
Because we are
Measuring a life
A friend was not
Lost nor did she
Transition she
We recognize a good
Life was lead a
Generous heart
Ceases to beat
A hearty laugh will
No longer be
We measure not
The depth
But the width
Of compassion
And passion
And dreams
We place our love
On the flowers
  That cover her
Under the clouds
  That embrace her
Into the Earth
   That owns her
And now
  Reclaims her
We will miss her
Spirit Her demands
Her hopes for us
And therefore Herself
At times like this
We are sad
We gather
We comfort
Each other
Yet still
At times like this

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