Wednesday, July 24, 2013

the ticking clock

By Mitchell Hall

we are all here
but not for so long

ticking like a clock
ticking away

it’s the smart ones
that value the depreciation
of their time

they understand the gothic departure
of history before them

they understand that
is God’s rarity

it’s the inevitable demise
of humanity
to which we fail to pay
massive attention

and we crumble from the
bed post,
throw a fist into the
alarm clock
that bangs chimes into
our membranes

we dive head first into
depressed showers

dry off the staleness and
stare deeply
fogged mirrors that we
take entirely
too much for granted

it’s more important
to avoid
the arrow
than to
study it

one moment
we are princes
we have our shining stage time
the spotlight
reveals our body

in the finest hour
and we sleep
and die
and wake
and live
and repeat the cycle
of the past eras

but we pay no dividend
to the promise
of non-existence

in those finer hours
of humanity
when all others
know you by name,
and smile
at the sound
of it

we fail to swallow
the beauty
of the ticking clock
and continue on
with that comedic battalion

Mitchell Hall is an American poet and short story writer. His writing is influenced by the insipid and unappreciated happenings of human existence. He is a graduate from the University of Kansas, where he studied sport science and business administration. His first book of poetry, entitled “Talks with the Moon King,” will be released in Fall 2013. Hall lives in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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