Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poem to my uterus

By Lucille Clifton

you uterus
you have been patient
as a sock
while i have slippered into you
my dead and living children
they want to cut you out
stocking i will not need
where i am going
where am i going
old girl
without you
my bloody print
my estrogen kitchen
my black bag of desire
where can i go
without you
where can you go
without me


  1. This is one of my favourite poems ever...i really wish i had heard this piece read aloud...Anywho, i really like your blog! Thanks for supplying the poetry! I have a blog as well...i hope you'll check it out. : )
    a poet

  2. Hey Golden Kid,
    Thanks for stopping by. Lucille Clifton is an amazing poet. I checked out your blog, too - good stuff! Keep writing and keep reading poetry. Do you write poetry of your own?

  3. Thank you. I will read it aloud this Monday at our Readers jam in St Paul, MN.