Monday, August 10, 2009

Why God Created Eve

By Hal Sirowitz

In the Bible God created
a companion for Adam --
Eve -- to keep Adam from being
lonely, Father said. If it was
such a great idea how come
He didn’t create one for Himself?
That was what went through my mind
while your mother was yelling at me
for not putting the pickles back
into the refrigerator. But they were
already sour. Letting them stay
at room temperature could not have
made them taste worse. Later,
when she served the cake, & there
wasn’t enough for everyone & she
didn’t give herself any I was ready
to forgive her until she started
to eat mine. It made me think
God may have created Eve
for the same reason the TV
needed to be invented -- He
wanted to make sure He always
had something entertaining to watch.

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