Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hail America!

By Stephen Levine

I like America. She's number one.
She loves to work. She loves to play.
She plays to win.

America crushes little nations
like children's toys.
She wears body armor
so she won't get hurt too bad.
She fights for freedom.

America is beautiful.
She has national parks and
fields of grain.
She has lots to eat.

America is the land of opportunity.
She welcomes strangers and
puts them in camps.

She does not mean to harm but
sometimes crushes by accident.
She is clumsy by lovable.

Where would we be without America?
The world would be a much cooler place.
Icebergs would form again and
cover the land.
America guards us from terror.

Hail America!
Thou art a light among the nations.
I salute thee with my missing limbs.
I bow down and kiss thy ring of power.
I want some glory, too.

Bless me, America, for I have sinned.
I have blasphemed thy name,
made mockery of thy goodness.
Surely I am not worthy
to live on thy landand
inhabit thy mansions.
Grant my forgiveness
as only the mighty can.

I promise to be good.
I promise to be loyal.
I promise to join thy crusade against evil
until thy innocence is restored and
thy dignity honored all over the world.

I promise whatever thou shalt demand and
in in return I ask only that thee
turn off the light in my cell,
stop playing the Eagles all night
so I can't sleep,
put away the snarling dogs,
release me from my prison before I die,
let my children go,
destroy all corporate wealth,
burn down thy towers where
prisoners are being watched,
turn thy weapons into plowshares and
distribute them widely,
stop worshipping Moloch,
become weak and vulnerable again,
acknowledging the mortality,
give the Indians back their
land and their names,
set free the slaves and
the descendants of the slaves ,
make a more perfect union of
justice and peace.




For truly thy time has come

Truly thy time has come.

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