Artists Resist Trump

Artist Stephen Mead writes:

Like all of us, wrestling with the 2016 election results and its aftermath, the fears I have for this country and the planet have grown deeper.   As a result I found myself working on the image above.  As it came together saw it as a piece ultimately of compassion despite how I question how on earth this person and his administration could have ever been chosen. 

Is this win simply about backlash?  Are there that many people upset that we have had an African American President for eight years?  Are they that ticked off about women having a say about their own bodies? Do they really believe gays and lesbians are “less than” and have no right to marriage?  Have all of us minorities just gotten way too “uppity”?

Are there really two millions voters/citizens who thought it was cool to have “burn the witch” signs for Hillary Clinton; have the President throw twitter-tantrums and on-air diatribes; let alone be given kudos by the KKK? Is this how they were raised to believe adults should express themselves?  Are we just a Facebook/Tabloid Nation where having the White House and Unites States Government as a reality TV show is the best we have to offer our children?  

I also see the “art postcard" as a spiritual piece, one which takes to task the cruelty and hate-mongering of certain "religious right" factions, whether they be Christian or those who say "It is our way or the highway" and resort to murder/terrorism.

There are scores of Christian, religious, or just plain spiritual people, who don't necessarily see themselves connected to any one faith, but just believe and try to do good.  These people just don't necessarily have the money and time and ego to be spouting off via various forms of media. Some have actually taken vows of poverty, actually go out and work with the poor and suffering.  Some do such work for those in need in their own congregations and communities.  Some do it as "lone wolves" simply trying to be kind and decent, refraining from bullying or cattiness, and certainly not encouraging it. 

I hope that it is these voices and these spirits who will come to the forefront and be heard not just during the next four years, but for the generations to come... for all life on this our one and only Earth.

"The Nightmare" by Mark Bryan, who can be found here.


  1. Good post!
    We artists, or in my case, artists/writers, need places to express resistance! Thank you to this blog creator (I don't know your name) for providing such a place here.

  2. Hi - I love this. How do I submit work?

    1. Feel free to send resistance artwork to dubious at gmail dot com. JPEG preferred.